Saturday, May 12, 2012

Current project- Dark Eldar fleet!

Here is the Dark Eldar fleet I'm currently working on... 3 ravagers, 5 raiders, and 4 venoms.

Pricing Guide

Welcome to GTP, where we strive to put out high quality miniatures at a reasonable cost. Below is a basic price guide for painting services we offer....

Imperial guardsmen/henchmen size $7
Tactical Marines/Assault marines. $9
Terminator size models. $14
Space marine bikes/jet bikes $18
Thunder wolves/bloodcrushers. $25
Monstrous creatures/dread knights $50
Vypers*/venoms*/land speeders/dreadnoughts $35
Rhinos/razorbacks/raiders*/Ravagers*. $50
Wave serpents*/prisms*/storm ravens* $70
Land raiders $80

*model is with painted glass. Interior/passengers can be pained for additional cost above

Assembly can be done for 25% of final painted price. Email for specific prices. Scenic basing is done to all models for the cost of materials, so about 5-8 dollars for a LOT of models. (total)

Email with questions about specific pricing at